The Problem
We Solve

Powering the resilience and profitability of smallholder farmers

Farmers in emerging markets face challenges with low productivity. Due to the risks they face from ongoing climate change, pests and diseases, farmers struggle to find financial stability.

Pula is at the center of an ecosystem that helps them manage their risks with insurance and digital solutions.

Our Approach

Pula uses insurance and digital products to help smallholder farmers endure climate risks, improve their farming practices, and bolster their incomes over time

We design and deliver best in class index insurance products to manage farmer’s risks and enable them to invest more in their farms. We work with governments, seed/fertilizer companies and loan providers and other agriculture value chain partners to bundle insurance with farm input products or loan credit.

Through the data we collect through insurance registration, we:

1. Develop products and solutions that can improve farmer productivity over time and

2. Develop digital marketing strategies to grow our partner’s revenues , creating sustainable value for both farmers and our clients.