A. Pula Advisors is a specialist advisory firm offering comprehensive risk analysis and assessments, quantifying risks and developing mitigation and transfer options such as index based insurance for our clients. The founders of the company have been intimately involved in developing award winning and pioneering agricultural insurance for smallholder farmers in Eastern Africa since 2008. And our team has over 9 years of experience in developing index insurance products across Africa.

Our business currently offers risk management and transaction execution and implementation services. We offer comprehensive risk analysis and assessment both through remote sensing, GIS and on ground yield assessments, quantify risks and develop mitigation and transfer options, such as weather and area yield index insurance, for our clients. As part of our work we have for developed the largest database of granular crop yield data for smallholder farmers in East Africa.

This type of analysis is of a highly specialized nature, and requires the specialized actuarial and climate science skillset of our team to develop automated tools that can analyze large and diverse datasets to determine the feasibility of developing insurance products and price these products.

Agricultural insurance furthermore is complex in that it not only requires complex technical expertise, but also involves developing and managing multi stakeholder, multi-cultural partnerships involving players across the agricultural value chain and tailoring products to strengthen and grow these value chains.

Our firms’ specialized nature comes from combining our technical and actuarial expertise in product development with our management of these multi stakeholder partnerships.


A. Our team has developed and implemented our products in a wide range of cultural and climatological contexts. We have implemented index insurance products for the following countries in Africa: Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Burundi, Ethiopia, and Nigeria. While in Asia, our team has worked in Indonesia and India.

In all of our previous feasibility studies, we have emphasized the importance of field work and worked with local communities as well as with national governments and value chain partners, and have developed strategies on how to best capture and reflect the needs of farmers. This entails that while we generally start such feasibility studies with discussions at national level. We always spend significant time in the field talking to farmers and community stakeholders to understand their experiences first hand.


A. Our products have covered a wide variety of crops and social contexts. Agricultural products covered include pastoral livestock, maize, sorghum, millet, green grams, beans, potatoes, rice, cow peas, pigeon peas, and wheat. Livelihoods insured range from the extremely vulnerable drought prone farmers and pastoralists to large-scale irrigated farming operations, giving us a unique insight into the variety of risks that agriculture and livestock faces.