Data-powered sales growth for Government Programs and International NGOs

We work with Government Programs and International Non-governmental Organizations (I-NGOs) to reduce costs and improve efficiency by providing remote agriculture monitoring, yield prediction, and sustainable ways to engage with farmers and raise awareness on matters of great importance.

FieldSense consists of 3 products that can be implemented separately or in a bundle:

FieldSense Monitor

FieldSense Monitor enables our clients to monitor field activities remotely, better predict outcomes, and improve the decision-making process by making it data-driven. Providing a live dashboard with all the data collected.

FieldSense Advise

FieldSense Advise enables our clients to provide their farmers with agronomy tips to help them increase their yields and/or mitigate risks they face on the ground. These tips provided to farmers are tailored to what is happening on the ground.

FieldSense Engage

FieldSense Engage enables our clients to reach more farmers with their products and insurance while educating them on insurance benefits. This education will encourage more farmers to pay for the product and insurance.