Case studies

Protecting Kenyan
with World
Food Programme


Pula has worked with WFP over 3 years to provide crop insurance to farmers in Kitui, Kenya. Over the past three years, the programme has grown from 1,000 to about 10,000 insured farmers, and crop loss compensation amounting to US$766,000.

Case studies

WFP Kenya: 10,000 farmers in Kitui County, Kenya

Our insurance payouts are key in stabilising household incomes during droughts and severe weather events. Farmers invest insurance payouts into the livelihoods of families through closing the food shortage, saving and paying off debts, and investing in assets like livestock and children’s education.


Pula’s data enabled digital strategies have shown demonstrable impact on increasing our partner’s sales.

Client: Major Pan African Seed Company

Pula ran a digital-based referral program for farmers in Kenya and were able to get on average 50 farmers as sales leads who pula directly marketed inputs to, consequently increasing the client sales by 19%.

Digital-based referral systems essentially leveraged technology to increase the “word of mouth” marketing that is prevalent in African markets. Such programs are behind the “overnight success” of Tech billion-dollar businesses such as Uber & WhatsApp. We have also piloted this program in the Malawian, Zambian and Nigerian markets with other fertilizer and seed clients and observed similar conversion rates.