What we do

We design and deliver best in class agriculture index insurance products to protect farmers

Against a wide range of climate risks including drought, excessive rainfall, pests and diseases, and several other perils that negatively affect their yields. We partner with local insurance companies and global reinsurance firms to underwrite risk.

Pula handles end to end management of the delivery of insurance to farmers, including field operations, farmer onboarding/education and claims assessment and payouts.

Products and services

Area Yield Index Insurance

Pula’s Yield Index Insurance (YII) covers all risks that affect yield including locusts, fall armyworm, floods, hurricanes and drought.

YII cover insures the value of the purchased inputs against low yield, and would replace the purchase to registered farmers at the end of the season.

Under this cover, the country is divided into agro-ecological zones based on historical rainfall, temperatures, prior yields etc, and average historical yield data is determined for each zone based on past data.

At the end of the season, trained enumerators measure yield levels for each agro-ecological zone. With this information, farmers will receive compensation if yields in a specific agroecological zone are below a determined trigger level.

Products and services

Weather Index Insurance

Pula’s Weather Index Insurance is a short duration insurance that covers farmers when germination failure occurs, often due to drought or delayed rains.

Farmers are able to redeem replacement seeds or cash equivalent, allowing for re-planting of seeds and enabling farmers to effectively harvest commodities in the same season.

The coverage period is usually less than one month (21 days). In this context, Pula partners with seed companies to bundle insurance with bags of seed. Farmers are able to register for insurance at the point of purchase, and their names, phone numbers and details are recorded in Pula’s digitalised system for future claims purposes.

Products and services

Index Based Livestock Insurance

Pula’s Index Based Livestock Insurance (IBLI) covers pastoralists when pastoral rangelands for grazing are not sufficient, often due to drought or delayed rains. It can also be thought of as an asset protection insurance program.

IBLI covers the value of fodder required to keep livestock alive for the duration of the cover which is usually a season and can be up to a year long.

The coverage period is usually divided into dekadals (10 day periods). Pula at the end of each dekadal assesses the index measurement for each unit area of insurance. With this information, farmers will receive a compensation if in a specific unit area of insurance, the index measurement is below a determined trigger level.

Pula has executed this product in the pastoralist areas of Ethiopia.


Data powered sales growth for seed and fertilizer companies

We work with seed/fertilizer companies and other agriculture value chain partners to bundle insurance with farm input products. Through the data we collect through insurance registration, we develop digital marketing strategies to grow our partner’s revenues, creating sustainable value for both farmers and our clients.

Our mobile based digital and data products have helped our clients grow their sales up to 19%.

Products and services

Mobile phone based Referral Marketing/Customer Acquisition

Pula offers an SMS based referral marketing program which uses small incentives to encourage farmers to invite friends to purchase the seed/fertilizer brand of our partners. Our referral marketing program has helped our partners grow their sales by up to 19%  in a season. 

Products and services

Real Time Business Intelligence
Dashboards and Market Insights

Pula develops real time dashboards that allow our partners to track sales to the last mile and identify sales performance per product line.

Products and services

Digital Agronomy

Pula has developed tools to deliver farmer education via SMS, USSD and whatsapp. We leverage our data to create targetted agronomy advising to help farmers adopt best practice farming techniques based on their location, crop type, and agronomic conditions. We also use this channel to send early warning alerts for extreme weather conditions and pests and diseases so farmers can respond early.

Products and services

Supply Chain Tracking/Optimization

Pula has developed data tools to help companies, governments and offtakers monitor activities in the field remotely. Through our analytics dashboards, you can track everything from pest outbreaks to input purchases and yield levels at district level.